Welcome to our Kokuro Karate Website

 NOTICE: The class schedule and location has changed! Go to the tab, Class Schedule, to check the new times and to the tab, Contact Us, to see the new location!

                          Geneva, NY

We try our best to make learning karate fun and entertaining yet keep it disciplined while getting in immense work-out. We will have you doing some great strength and endurance building exercises and flexibility increasing stretches. We try to have fun while developing your self-defense skills, working more on self-defense but also on tournament point-sparring competition occasionally. Our focus is on self-defense, katas, flexibility, light-contact sparring, and many other interesting things we will work on during class. For more information, if you have any questions, if you have any interest in joining or just trying it out, please send us a message which you can do in the Contact us tab above. Your first class free in case you just want to try it out to see if you enjoy it. We hope to be hearing from you soon!

 Ages: 8 years and up


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